Ideation Design Group Offices

    Ideation Design Group Offices 2017 SIPA Building Excellence Award Winner - Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Under 10,000 sq. ft.

    Ideation Design Group is a creative design studio employing 42 people. The studio comprises an architecture division, interior design services, food service design,  graphic design, as well as a procurement department, IDG Purchasing.  The owner was looking for the long-term value of a super-insulated, high efficiency building.

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    National Energy Awareness Month

    October is National Energy Awareness Month.

    One short month to spread the word about the benefits of energy efficiency.

    This year’s Energy Awareness Month theme, A Sustainable Energy Future; Putting All the Pieces Together, encourages everyone to see how they fit into the big picture.

    To promote this awareness, many groups and partners across the country will join together on October 5th for the first ever, nationwide, Energy Efficiency Day campaign. The aim of this social medial effort is to raise awareness among the public and media by organizing participants in sharing examples of the positive impact of energy efficient practices.

    You can make a difference!

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    SIPS - A Greener Way to Build

    Enercept manufactures a variety of Structural Insulated Panel systems (SIPs) for virtually any construction need. Enercept strives to educate builders, architects, developers, appraisers, engineers and the general public about the values associated with SIPs construction. From increased comfort, value and efficiency to lower utility costs and a smaller carbon footprint, SIPS are the building blocks of the future.

    Not only has Enercept been in business for over 30 years, Enercept is the original holder of the patents for insulated connecting posts, which virtually eliminate thermal bridging, as well as our factory-installed electrical chases for routing wiring. This patented design means faster, easier, stronger construction.

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    Tippet Rise Arts Center's Olivier Barn

    2017 SIPA Building Excellence Award Runner-up Commercial/Industrial/Institutional under 10,000 sq. ft.

    Tippet Rise Arts Center's Olivier Barn

    • Location:  96 South  Grove Creek Road, Fishtail, MT 59028
    • Date Completed:  Summer 2016
      Olivier Music Barn
      Tippet Rise Art Center, MT
      Photo: Alban Bassuet
      ©2016 Tippet Rise
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    2017 SIPA Building Excellence Awards

    Enercept Takes Home Four 2017 SIPA Building Excellence Awards

    Earlier this week the Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) held their Annual Meeting and Conference in Austin, TX.  During this meeting the winners of the 2017 SIPA Building Excellence Awards were announced.

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    Christmas In An Enercept Home

    Something fun for Christmas:


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    Remembering Gale

    When we lose someone we love it leaves a hole in our hearts that can never be filled.  So does it leave a hole in your work force when you lose an employee/co-worker too early in their life.

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    Fire Prevention Week

    Fire Safety, It's Important!

    Growing up there were two things that really frightened me, tornadoes and fires.  The second became more pronounced after my Spanish teacher, Karen Kittinger, and four of her children died in a house fire in 1975.  Mrs. Kittinger was one of my favorite teachers; she was so beautiful, soft-spoken and kind. After her death, I became somewhat fire-phobic (as my parents would attest to). Since then, I have matured and have become more realistic about fire prevention and safety.

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    The Road To Your New Home

    The Road to Your New Home is Closer Than You Think

    If you are going to build a new home in the spring, the time to start planning is now.

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    Save Over $100,000.00 In Mortgage Interest

    How Could Building With Enercept Structural Insulated Panels Save You Over $100,000.00 in Mortgage Interest?

    With the cooperation of two neighbors, Enercept was able to perform a side-by-side comparison of two similar homes in Watertown, SD.

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