ENERCEPT SIP Basement &  foundation pANELS

Using Enercept basement panels offer a comfortable, warm, dry basement with the feel of main-floor comfort. Our pre-built basement system allows for fast construction and eliminates the need to fur-out the walls.

Below grade SIPs, to keep you comfortable all year long

Enercept Basement Panels

Enercept basement panels feature 0.60 retention treated plywood sheathing on the exterior face, and OSB on the interior face. The facings are laminated to the same great EPS insulating core used in our wall panels.Foundation or basement panel connection

The panels are placed on CCA treated lumber.  Panels connect by pre-installed treated studs which are bull-nosed to fit easily into the recessed edge of the adjoining panel.

Onsite labor is kept to a minimum with electrical chases cut into each panel, in addition window openings are pre-cut and framed in the factory.

Enercept Basement Layout (Final)


Enercept Foundation Panels

Enercept's EPS insulation foundation system protects plumbing from freezing in cold climates and offers optimal energy efficiency.  To achieve the same thermal efficiency as an Enercept foundation panel, a concrete wall would need to be at least 12 feet thick!

Typical foundation panel height is four feet.  Our foundation panels use treated plywood on both the interior and exterior facings, and include green-treated studs placed 16" on center.

foundation graphic

Enercept Floor Panels   Enercept Floor panel system

Enercept SIP floors are essentially roof panels laid flat.  They feature a solid core of EPS with intermediate structural members.  Enercept floor panels can be fabricated to fit a wide range of designs. Floor panel thickness varies upon design spans and R-Value requirements.

A typical floor panel is designed to carry normal residential loads, though higher load capacities are possible when necessary.

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