SIP construction offers the benefits of a comfortable, stronger structure, increased energy-efficiency, faster installation, and overall, a more cost-effective project.

The Enercept SIP Roof System

Enercept roof panels are made of EPS insulation laminated between two oriented strand board (OSB) facings. Enercept roof panels are typically connected with an insulated I-joist.SIP Roof Panel Connection

Our roof panels provide superior insulation, durability, connect easily and meet the code requirements for continuous insulation.  Enercept roofs are pre-cut to your specifications, eliminating concerns about cutting complex angles.  Compound angles and valleys are no problem with the Enercept SIP roof system.

Typical Roof Panel Connection

Enercept also produces eight-foot wide jumbo roof panels.  Jumbo panels can be as large as 8' x 24'. These panels can be installed either horizontally or vertically on the roof, allowing you to frame, insulate and sheath large areas with each panel.

Roof panel thickness will vary depending on the load, R-Value requirements and local building code.  In cold climates, SIP roofs can withstand snow loads over 300 pounds per square foot.

Enercept Roof Overhang Layout

Enercept Roof Tail LayoutEnercept SIP roofs can be fabricated with overhangs or with tails to be modified on the job site.

The SIP Vaulted Ceiling  bedroom with bonus loft area

Vaulted ceilings make your living area feel more spacious.  With a SIPs roof you will have a true vault and additional ceiling height.  This space can be used for open lofts or a conditioned bonus space for additional bedrooms, storage, home theater, or children's play area.



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